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Organska kontrola "OK" is the first accredited certification body from Bosnia and Herzegovina engaged in certification activities of organic agriculture since 2003.

During 2007 „OK“ managed to get international recognition and accreditation according to IFOAM criteria and ISO 65 standards www.ioas.org

In December 2011, Organska Kontrola (OK) become recognized in the EU as a certification body with standards and control systems equivalent to the EU regulation for organic production. This decision was made through the EU Commission Implementing Regulation on 7 December 2011.http://ec.europa.eu/

In September 2012, Organska Kontrola was also approved by Federal Office of Agriculture (FOAG) Switzerland as a provider of organic certification services for organic products intended for exports to Switzerland. www.blw.admin.ch

This means that all products certified as organic by Organska Kontrola will be accepted as certified organic products in the EU and Switzerland.

Organska Kontrola provide for its clients an international certification service according the KRAVs Extra Requirements http://www.krav.se, BIO SUISSE private standards, etc. http://www.icbag.ch

OK logo has been registered at Institut for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina and belongs to Organska Kontrola. OK logo usage on the package/labeling for certified products must be approved by Organska Kontrola prior to use and Agreement on OK logo usage should be signed.
Logo shall always be used along with producer name and indications on body that certified products
Logo can be used along with other certifications logos;

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Organska poljoprivreda
Uvođenje i razvoj organske poljoprivrede u BiH
Akreditacija „OK“-a
Označavanje i OK organska oznaka (markica, logo)
„OK“ Organski certifikacijski program
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The purpose of organic certification is to ensure that the products produced in organic agricultural systems are being practiced not only by growers, but also by all the people who handle and process organic food on its journey to the final consumer. To accomplish this, Organska Kontrola provides a system which combines on-site inspections of all steps in the organic production to protect the producers and buyers of organic products.

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